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Established in 1988, Team Extreme have been there from the infancy of extreme sports. Many of the world’s top riders and skaters have performed within Team Extreme over the years including Tony Hawk, Jamie Bestwick, Mat Hoffman and Simon Tabron.

The company is now owned and run by some of its early performers: Neil Danns, Mike Mullen, Doug Peel-Yates, Ronnie Remo plus the founder and current chairman: Peter Noble.

Our roots can be traced back to 1988 when a young Mark Noble won the title of World BMX Flatland Champion. Mark became a prominent figure in the BMX world from then, creating and editing Ride BMX Magazine and nowdays running his own BMX company: Deluxe BMX.

Mark Noble

Scott Carroll, Oman Tour

It wasn't long before demand for his skills spread and he found himself performing displays alongside Scott Carroll, the top UK ramp rider at the time.

Peter Noble, Mark’s father managed the duo, arranging for them to perform flatland and ramp displays around the UK, Europe and Middle East. He saw the potential for bigger and better shows so in 1989, with the help of Peter Tabron (Simon Tabron’s late father), constructed a portable halfpipe for the Cyclex Show in London’s Olympia.

He formed a display team from the UK’s top BMXers and skateboarders, including the likes of Jason Davies, Sean Goff, Ollie Mathews, Scott Carroll, Mark Atkins, Neil Danns, Jamie Bestwick and Simon Tabron.

Neil Danns is now a director of Team Extreme, Simon Tabron is four time BMX Halfpipe World Champion while Jamie Bestwick is recognised as the world’s top rider.

Sean Goff & Neil Danns 1992

Simon Tabron 1991

Jamie Bestwick, Bike Show 1993

Team Extreme grew year on year, adapting shows as the sports developed. Investing in vehicles, riders and equipment, expanding the team to add new shows: jump ramp, mini ramp, flatland and skatepark.

In the early 90’s inline skaters and snakeboarders were added to the team as popularity and recognition grew within extreme sports. Combining more sports opened up possibilities for more exciting and varied shows.

Danny Aldridge 1998

Mini ramp & fibreglass halfpipe 2000

Alton Towers 2002

Coaching 2001

During the late 90’s and early 2000's Team Extreme were the first to incorporate coaching and participation between displays, using top professionals to teach young people how to ride or skate safely.

Coaching proved to be so popular that to date, coaching workshops make up at least half of Team Extreme activities. They have developed into stand alone workshops, run on our own equipment or at existing skatepark facilities.

As well as coaching and displays, the Team Extreme portfolio has grown to include skatepark openings, running and organising competitions, providing performers for TV and media stunts, product launches, choreography and consultation.

Team Extreme main riders & managers 2007

Breakdance 2008

From 2007 Team Extreme's portfolio expanded to include breakdance street artists.

During 2009 the Urban Freestyle show was introduced, combining BMX flatland with breakdance and beatbox to create a stage show for stage and corporate events.

Urban Frestyle Show 2009

Urban Freestyle workshop 2009

25 years of experience have shaped our philosophy to guarantee the most entertaining show by continually investing in new equipment, routines and 'up and coming' performers.

At Team Extreme we believe in supplying the best BMX, Skateboard, Scooter, Inline, or street artists in the UK at any given time. All of whom are professionals in their chosen sport.

Our future plans are to continually invest in our team of amazing people. To provide the most skilled coaches, performers and a fully professional service, always going that extra mile for our clients.

Please feel free to browse our client reference section to see what others have to say about Team Extreme.

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